Package jass.modern

Enum Summary
Context An execution context which is either Context.STATIC or Context.INSTANCE.
Visibility An enumeration type which is to define the visibility of contract annotations.

Annotation Types Summary
Also A Container for multiple SpecCase-annotations.
Helper The Helper-annotation is a marker for non-public methods.
Invariant The class invariant assertion.
InvariantDefinitions A container-annotation for Invariantiants.
Length A parameter annotation which is used to specify the length/size of an array, the size of any subtype of the superinterface Collection, and for the length of Strings.
Max Defines an upper bound of a numeric parameter.
Min Defines a lower bound of a numeric parameter.
Model The definition of the model variable which consists of a and a Model.type().
ModelDefinitions A Container-annotation for multiple Model-variable definitions.
Name Is used to define the specification name of a method or constructor parameter.
NonNull This annotation can be used to express that a parameter or a field is not allowed to be null.
Post A post-condition.
Pre The Pre-annotation implements a pre-condition.
Pure Expresses that a method is side-effect free or that a type is immutable.
Range This annotation is used to specify the range of numeric parameters.
Represents The represents clause is used to bind a value to a model variable.
RepresentsDefinitions A Container-annotation for model-variable representations.
SpecCase The SpecCase-annotation can be used to specify the behaviour of a method or constructor.